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Who is a teenager? A teenager is someone who wants to be treated like an adult, but their behavior at times may not be adult-like. They tend to defy everything, especially when you are instructing them to do the right thing. It is a good thing as a parent to know that they are going through a phase off their life and need to be happy regardless.

Most of the time teenagers overreact to small things because, they may feel they are not taken seriously, they want to be felt. You are most probably wondering how to make that trip work with your son or daughter, who you were so close to just the other day but now is aloft, don’t talk much, and most of the time is glued to their phones or screens playing games.If you are lucky your teenager will have picked up a job on their own to get ready for the real world. Mine works at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company. He is making minimum wage due to no experience but it’s great to learn.

 This is the 21st century, the way you enjoyed youth is not how today’s generation does, most probably you will have to take that into accounts.

Your kids are most probably in boarding schools, or due to your tight work schedule, you do not have enough time with them. Take this opportunity to know them, their likes and dislikes, and it will be an amazing holiday for all of you.

  1. Bring a friend; give your teenager the liberty of choosing whether they would like to bring a friend along. This can be either a schoolmate or a family friend, this will make the holiday a little happier, and that is if you don’t want your teenager feeling left out. Having someone they have the same interests in May well, be the perfect idea for the holiday.
  2. Entertainment, this includes music and also a set time where all gadgets are off for some family bonding. A game of cards may be a perfect example. You also need to choose places that entertain your children amidst all those museums and nature walks. This will keep them excited and always looking forward to another experience.
  3. Involve them when choosing a place, as teens, they have all these wild imaginations, put them into consideration provided their requests are not that obscene and are up to your budget. Visiting a place they have suggested will create more interest and they can be less annoying.
  4. Internet and Wi-Fi, although the gadgets off policy might apply sometimes, always give your children a chance to connect to their friends online, they most probably will not be interested in buying and sending postcards, this is the 21st century. A little time to snap chat or call their friends back home will not kill your holiday.
  5. Leave parenting at home, be ready to let go and avoid revisiting issues. Setting the right atmosphere for the trip will make it enjoyable for you and your kid.
  6. Give your teen space; teenagers have this obsession with wanting to be left alone for some time. It is wise to book an extra room for your teens to help cool things off after a long day of being together.
  7. Responsibilities, teenagers like most adults want to feel important, hand them small but important tasks like, guiding you with the map, choosing a dinner place, or even your next day activities.
  8. Budget; notify your teens the amount of money you intend to spend for that holiday. This will prevent them from going into a shopping spree, most probably buying stuff they will never need.

In conclusion, just be a carefree parent for one day, it won’t kill you, though some boundaries need to be set for teens are known to get overwhelmed by excitement making a terrible mistake. Be on the lookout but do not micromanage them, happy holiday.